How LONG does it take to get rid of my candida?

Although most people want to know the most effective way for them to kill candida, the next question on their mind is how long is this going to take?

Well, it is going to take a while.  Candida killing is not something that can occur overnight.  There are some things you can take (Diflucan, for example) that will offer pretty quick relief, but I feel that Diflucan only causes the symptoms to subside – it doesn’t necessarily have a long term effect.  You must consider that the digestive tract can contain candida along all of the nooks and crannies in both the small intestine and large intestine.  Candida does tend to colonize, but it is rarely in just one spot, it tends to be distributed rather unevenly through the digestive system.  If you were to unroll and flatten out the intestinal tract, it would be about the size of a tennis court. You can’t expect to do a thorough candida scrub and have it just take a day or two.

All in all, a natural (meaning not pharmaceutical) candida cleanse may last between 2-6 months.  Most people tend to average around 3-4 months on a natural regimen. In general, the longer you have had candida, the longer it will take to get rid of because it will be entrenched in the system.  If you have just taken a round of antibiotic and need to get rid of any yeast created by this but were having no trouble before, 2-4 weeks should suffice.

One thing that will speed a cleanse on its way is to take a soluble fiber (psyllium, oat bran, acacia, guar gum, apple pectin) or clay supplement – you can even take both, if you wish. These types of products help the bowel to detox candida by sweeping it out of the bowel and absorbing toxins that the candida puts into the system.  Don’t forget that candida has 70-80 different chemicals it produces as waste products that your body must deal with. The most common waste products of candida are: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and ethanol. Loclo Fiber (psyllium-based) or gluten-free Clarifiber will minimize the impact of cleansing reactions (healing crises) because many of these reactions are caused by dead candida and toxins in the system.  These may shorten a cleanse by as much as a month and make your more comfortable as a side benefit – a very good investment!

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I'm Leanne Felzien - website author I guess I am the one who started this whole thing because of ongoing problems with yeast issues. I finally got fed up with getting the run around from my doctor about my health problems and took control of my own health. I am here to help you through candida cleanses and any other issues related to gastrointestinal health that I can. I am not a doctor, but my experience with fighting digestive problems is something I have gained through personal experience and helping many others through this same battle.
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