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Eye Pain and Candida

All right ladies and gents...I am here to tell you that I am not a member of the medical community. But, take that as you may, I still am a sufferer of eye pain and focus problems (or rather - I used to be!).

Eye pain can be caused by many factors, some of them very serious. You should make sure and eliminate these as possibilities for you before you consider the alternative I am about to suggest. Here is what Medline Plus calls out as common causes of eye problems. Please do make sure that none of these relate to you!
  • a problem in the eye itself (an infection, irritation or injury such as a corneal abrasion)
  • a migraine headache (severe pain behind the eye)
  • sinus problems (pain either over or below the eye)
  • contact lenses
  • eye surgery
  • a stye (hordeolum) can create eye pain that increases as the stye grows
  • conjunctivitis (pink eye) or any inflammation of the upper and lower lids
  • pain in both eyes, particularly upon exposure to bright light (photophobia) that is common with many viral infections such as flu and will go away as the infection improves.
  • glaucoma (so called narrow angle glaucoma can be very painful)
  • burns

However, if you are certain that none of these relates to you, then you might be interested in my story.

I am a fairly young (38), healthy female that had never had trouble with eye pain. I am near-sighted, but beyond that I have never given much thought to my vision. Around Christmas of 2003, I had a urinary tract infection that I required anti-biotics to treat.

After the 2-week period that I was on the antibiotic, I noticed a dramatic decrease in the level of my health.

One of the most mysterious things was an eye problem. My eyes began to burn! They were hot and sore for most of the latter part of the day. It almost felt like I had some kind of an infection in both of my eyes.

Before long, the pain was pretty bad by the end of the day, I would go to bed with my eye literally burning and be aware of it through the night and still have it the next morning. I am a computer software developer and so I just wrote the whole thing off to spending too much time on the computer.

I also noticed that I my vision was getting more blurry. Sitting in church was miserable. I could not see the pastor very well and in an effort to bring him into focus, my eyes would be in pain by the end of the service.

I wanted to just put an ice pack on them. I was also very sensitive to light. I had to have sunglasses on even on an overcast day.

In January of 2004, I found an amazing product on the web and once I started taking it my eye pain was gone (for me almost immediately). My husband also noticed a dramatic decrease in his eye pain.

After a visit with my eye doctor, he said that my eyes looked very healthy and that my visual acuity is improving! I don't have to suffer through church anymore, I can spend hours on the computer without pain, and if I happen to be caught without my sunglasses on a sunny day - it is okay. My vision is crystal clear!

I found out that the problem I had that was manifesting in one way as eye pain was a fungal candida overgrowth. This may be the cause of your eye problems, too.
If you have ever, even once, taken antibiotics, corti-steroids like prednisone, birth control pills, chemotherapy or oral acne medications then you may have a candida concern!

Candida, what is it?

Candida albicans is a common yeast found in our digestive system and throat, when we are exposed to anti-biotics, birth control pills, corti-steroids, or prednisone the good bacteria which normally keep candida under control in our systems are killed off and the candida can overgrow.

When the candida yeast gets out of control, it morphs into a mycelial fungal form, becomes invasive and grows rhizoids which then burrow into our intestinal wall. These rhizoids leave microscopic holes in the intestinal wall which allows toxins in the form of undigested food particles, bacteria and yeast into our blood stream.

When this condition occurs the overgrowth is called Candidiasis or a systemic yeast infection. One indication of a systemic yeast infection is oral thrush or a white coated tongue. The toxins that the yeast puts into our system are responsible for the varying conditions that each individual experiences.

This overgrowth of yeast, I believe also causes eye pain and blurred vision. I could probably get by dealing with candida if that were the only problem I had, but the kicker is that eye pain is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

You may be suffering from many other symptoms that are related to Yeast and just not realize it. Things like fatigue, painful joints, recurrent vaginal yeast infections, eye pain, chronic sinusitis, headaches, and more.

For a comprehensive list look at this list of Yeast Symptoms. I have supplied a list of things that I was able to solve with the fantastic product I will discuss below. Finding out that I had a candida problem solved so many problems for me! From things as benign as eye pain to water retention and the inability to lose weight (I have been able to lose 12 pounds on this product).

You can take a bunch of tests to determine if you have systemic yeast, but doctors don't seem to want to acknowledge how wide spread this condition is. They would much rather treat the symptom then spend the time with you to get at the root cause. If you want a quick and surprisingly reliable test - try this surprisingly accurate saliva test.

"The majority of people who have Candida Albicans (Yeast) do not even realize they have it until they become seriously ill. It is estimated that over half of the worlds population has a moderate to serious Candida condition, due to the over use of antibiotics/drugs, bad diet and other causes.

There are many programs, books and products on the market, all promising either control or relief from Candida and its symptoms. I have searched the net, researched with colleges and pulled together the most comprehensive, straightforward & up to date information possible.

We will show you in these pages why Nystatin, Diflucan and other Fluconazoles do more harm than good, how to recognize the problem, arrest it and of course get rid of it!"
- from Healthy Christian Living

A yeast overgrowth will not go away on its own, in fact this insidious fungus grows stronger and stronger with each passing year. I believe that I have unsuspectingly had an overgrowth for at least 20 years.

I have suffered miserably with the inability to lose weight, food sensitivities, digestive problems and the like. If I had known of systemic yeast 20 years ago, I would have done everything in my ability to get rid of it when it would have been easier.

However, I have found a way that even long time candida sufferers can be free of this nasty fungal infection. You need to cleanse it from your body and I found a wonderful, all-natural product that helps you do just that.

The product is called ThreeLac and with guidance I can help you through the process of possibly ridding yourself of eye pain and other symptoms once and for all. Learn More about Systemic Yeast Infections.

If eye pain, blurry vision or light sensitivity is an indicator of a systemic yeast infection for you, can you afford to not take a look at these products?Bookmark this page so you can find me easily tomorrow and take the saliva test in the morning.

If you test positive, these amazing products may help you eliminate the candida, solve your frequent urination and avoid the problems that a systemic yeast infection may develop into! You deserve to know if candida is a concern for you!! We have found these products to be the most effective for our customers!

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