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FiveLac and ThreeLac - What's the Difference?

Yes, FiveLac is more powerful than ThreeLac!!
We think it is about 1 1/2 times more powerful.

The difference between the two products is in the bacteria. ThreeLac contains 3 bacteria specifically geared at killing candida, but ThreeLac has always been lacking beneficial bacteria that will colonize in the gut.

The manufacturers of FiveLac have addressed this issue and the FiveLac contains all of the ThreeLac bacteria plus 2 additional bacteria that are very important to the health of the digestive system and will recolonize the digestive tract very efficiently. These 2 added bacteria are acidophilus (50 Million CFU) and longum (500 Million CFU).

The acidophilus and longum bacteria are, by far, the bacteria that the gut need to achieve a healthy balance after you have killed the candida. Even though FiveLac is a bit more expensive then ThreeLac, it is actually a money saver, because you will not need to purchase an additional acidophilus supplement - you get everything at once! FiveLac is easy to take, tastes even better than ThreeLac and you don't have to worry about taking that pesky acidophilus.

As you kill the candida, the acidophilus and longum will recolonize as the intestinal wall is cleared of candida.

ThreeLac - Renewed Health Company

FiveLac - Renewed Health Company

FiveLac does contain Lactose. People who are lactose intolerant should chose ThreeLac!


Method 1:
If you don't have any ThreeLac left and want to switch over to the FiveLac; you will probably want to take into account that the FiveLac is a bit more powerful than the ThreeLac so you can take less for a little while as your body becomes adjusted to it.

if you are taking this much ThreeLac then start with this much FiveLac
ThreeLac Dosage
FiveLac Dosage
1 packet
1/2 packet
2 packets
1 packet
3 packets
2 packets
4 packets
3 packets
5 packets
3 packets

Method 2:
If you have ThreeLac and want to switch to FiveLac then you want to add the FiveLac in one at a time as you reduce the ThreeLac. For example, if you are currently taking 4 packs of ThreeLac, you should drop down to 3 packets of ThreeLac and add 1 packet of FiveLac.

Stay at each level change for 3-5 days before changing the amount of FiveLac again. The next change would be 2 packets of ThreeLac and 2 packets of FiveLac; then stay at that level for another 3-5 days.

Continue this way until you have converted over entirely to the FiveLac.

Method 3:
If you are starting FiveLac and have never used ThreeLac, please check out our instructions. FiveLac and ThreeLac should be used in the same way.

Tip: FiveLac is more powerful than the ThreeLac and may induce a set of cleansing reactions. some people may see these cleansing reactions as headaches or slight skin itchiness.

In order to circumvent these cleansing reactions, It would be a good idea to get a pysillium-based soluble fiber (like Nature Sunshine's Loclo) to absorb the extra toxins from the dead candida.

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