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High Blood Pressure? How to Relieve it Naturally

My father died of a massive stroke in 1998 at the age of 55 of complications from high blood pressure and diabetes. This site is dedicated to him and to those of you that suffer from high blood pressure.

If he had known of ThreeLaca few years before he died, I really think he would be alive today. Please read this site thoroughly, for your sake and for your family's sake.
- Leanne Felzien

Is there a fungal connection to High Blood Pressure?

High Blood Pressure is related to Water Retention. Medical professionals say to reduce your salt intake in order to alleviate water retention so that your blood pressure will go down.

Everywhere I look there are articles about water retention and its link to high blood pressure. Doctors advise any one with high blood presser to reduce salt intake and take diuretics. The less water in your system the better.

...reducing salt (sodium) intake often lowers blood pressure. Sodium intake promotes water retention, which can add to the blood volume and subsequently raise blood pressure.


Sometimes called "water pills," these drugs work by eliminating excess water and salt from the body. Diuretics should be the first medication used when treating high blood pressure or used in combination with other drugs to lower blood pressure, according to a study called the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT) sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

I don't know about you, but I don't eat hardly any salt. I don't salt my foods, I don't put salt on my vegetables, shoot we don't even put salt in rice - but, regardless, I suffer from an inordinate amount of water retention.

In my case, I notice that the degree to which I retain water correlates with the food that I eat. If I eat white rice, for instance, the next morning I will have gained 3 pounds of water weight. Aarrrgggghhhh! The list of foods that do this to me go on and on, but they are usually high carbohydrate foods like corn, rice, soy, etc.

Anyway, why the discussion of water retention? Well... has any one come up with a reason why you have water retention? Hmmm.. I didn't think so. You may be very interested in this hypothesis.

If you have ever, even once taken antibiotics, oral acne medications, prednisone, or birth control pills or if you are diabetic then you may have developed a systemic candida infection (And who hasn't taken at least one of those things in a lifetime). If you have, guess what, one of the symptoms of candida is water retention.

But an overweight body can result from yeast infections due to the water retention that happens in the body (in response to the cellular irritation from the infection)
You see, the candida puts toxins into your bloodstream. In an effort to protect itself the body retains water, thus diluting the toxins in your bloodstream. If you get rid of the candida, your body does not need to protect itself from toxins, it gets rid of the extra water - and your blood pressure goes down.

Candida albicans is a common yeast found in our digestive system and throat, when we are exposed to anti-biotics, birth control pills, corti-steroids, or prednisone the good bacteria which normally keep candida under control in our systems are killed off and the candida can overgrow.

When the candida yeast gets out of control, it morphs into a mycelial fungal form, becomes invasive and grows rhizoids which then burrow into our intestinal wall. These rhizoids leave microscopic holes in the intestinal wall which allows toxins in the form of undigested food particles, bacteria and yeast into our blood stream.

When this condition occurs the overgrowth is called Candidiasis or a systemic yeast infection. One indication of a systemic yeast infection is oral thrush or a white coated tongue. The toxins that the yeast puts into our system are responsible for the varying conditions that each individual experiences.

First off, I want you to understand that I am in no way a medical professional. I am just a person that has suffered for many, many years from a systemic candida condition that I was totally unaware of. I developed this condition from the use of antibiotics, birth control pills, and multiple pregnancies.

I have solved my candida issue by using a product called ThreeLac (there is a description of the product below). But during the use of this product, I have noticed that myself and many others have seen a natural lowering in their blood pressure over a period of mere weeks.

I feel that you should be informed that there may be a way to lower your blood pressure while still taking your medications. It is very possible that you may be able to reduce your medications and eliminate any diuretics you take with this amazing, new, all-natural product. But, please, only lower your medications under the advice and involvement of your doctor.

Dr. David Williams publishes a newsletter called Alternatives for the Health-Conscious Individual. In his Summer 2004 issue, Dr. Williams had this to say about high blood pressure.
"...And Get off the Diuretics and ACE Inhibitors - For millions of people, a seemingly small reduction in blood pressure is more than enough to get them in the safety zone and completely eliminate the need for diuretics and other expensive hypertensive medications.

These are what I often refer to as "slippery slope" medications. Doctors put patients on them... and never take them off. Both the doctor and patient believe that the problem is under control, when in reality the drugs are just masking symptoms while the underlying problem gets worse.

My goal with Alternatives is to help you correct the root cause of any health problems you may have, so they go away for good. Drugs never do that. They have their place in emergency medicine and extreme situations, but not in any long-term health regimen.

The bottom line here is that any time someone suggests taking a synthetic substance indefinitely, be wary. An apology or "late breaking update" 10 years down the road won't mean much if your health is ruined.

...Early in 2004, I had an infection that my doctor prescribed antibiotics for. After that dose of antibiotics my health went into a downward spiral. I gained 10 pounds in a couple of weeks, was constantly fatigued (not a good thing when one has five children), was suffering from burning eye pain and a myriad of other symptoms (see Candida Symptoms).

I began to suspect that I had a candida infection and I was able to confirm it with this simple saliva test. I found the product ThreeLac (a very effective probiotic) on the Web; it sounded like it would solve all of my ills and more. I had it expressed delivered and started taking it right away.

I was a bit skeptical. I couldn't believe that it would be able to fix all of the things I was suffering from, but from the first day I could see a subtle change and over time each and every one of my concerns was fixed. However, I had a little surprise in store in March (this is what you may find interesting).

I went in for my annual physical exam and had my blood pressure checked. Usually, I am 120/80 (certainly not high - pretty healthy, in fact) - but I did a double-take when my nurse read out 104/68. Wow! My blood pressure had never been as low as this.

This occurred after only 6 weeks of taking the product. My blood pressure in early January had been 120/78. The wheels started turning!
- Leanne Felzien

Then my brother-in-law had this experience.
"He had been taking ThreeLac for about 2 1/2 months. He has high blood pressure. He has had high blood pressure since he was a track athlete in college, and is on medication to reduce his blood pressure.

Even on medication, however, his pressure would only control to about 135/85. After about 6 weeks on ThreeLac he had a medicated blood pressure of 120/80! He has never been in normal ranges even on medication.

After another few weeks, his blood pressure is at 117/72 and continuing down. He is off his diuretic and is working with his doctor to slowly reduce his medications.

From a field study from Doctor Takahashi, the doctor who developed this product in Japan:
"It has been 11 months since I began taking ThreeLac probiotics. I am in better health and enjoying an active lifestyle. My blood pressure in now 130 over 80. It's hard to imagine that it was 200 over 100 just one year ago. Now I believe that persistency brings great results.
- woman, 57 from Dr. Takahashi's field test.

Doctor's are really good at treating the symptom of high blood pressure, but no one seems to know why a person would have hypertension. It is my hypothesis, that if you test positive for systemic candida, that in trying to protect itself from the toxins that the candida puts out, the body causes you to retain water which makes you develop high blood pressure.

If you eradicate the candida then perhaps you will eliminate the reason for your high blood pressure and your blood pressure may slowly achieve normal levels. Learn More about Systemic Candida.

If high blood pressure is an indicator of a systemic yeast infection for you, can you afford to not take a look at these products? Bookmark our page so you can find me easily tomorrow and take the saliva test in the morning. If you test positive, these amazing products may help you eliminate the candida, solve your high blood pressure and avoid the problems that a systemic yeast infection may develop into! You deserve to know if candida is a concern for you!!

"The content on this site is provided exclusively for information purposes, and it is not in any way intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Neither the content nor any other service offered by or through Renewed Health Company or is intended to be relied on for medical diagnosis or treatment."