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Children and Candida!

Children are very susceptible to yeast overgrowth because of the prevalence of subscribing anti-biotics for ear infections and the like. Kids may also pick yeast infections up from their mother as infants while in the birth canal or from breast-feeding.
I recently read that a baby's digestive system is completely sterile when the baby is born. Their digestive system is populated with good and presumably bad bacteria exclusively from the mother's breast milk or the formula they are given.

If a mother has candida, she will not be able to pass the baby as many good bacteria as some one who is not fighting this condition, so the baby develops candida because they don't have any good bacteria to combat it. If they have candida, their immune systems are compromised which leads to sickness and possibly ear infections that are usually treated with - antibiotics! Of course, this only makes the condition worse... Information on the Amount of ThreeLac a child can take.

Here is a series of emails I received recently from a mom who was at her wit's end with an 11 week old infant with painful, painful oral thrush and yeast rash. This mom treated the baby by rubbing ThreeLac on the surfaces of her mouth and cheeks with her finger and then nursing the baby.

The baby, who was born with painful oral thrush and rashes, had been on Tylenol every four hours for all of her life. She had her hands in her mouth constantly trying to deal with the pain and cried all the time.

Within hours of application, she was able to sleep through the night without screaming. The mom is treating herself for systemic yeast with the ThreeLac and OE+, as well so that she will not pass any more candida on to her baby:

Carla from Pennsylvania wrote:
Email 1:
I found your site and want to order not only for myself but my children...there is more to the story.

I have an 11 week old infant I know your product says use with children 6 months and older but my (youngest)child is in crisis with yeast.

They gave her liquid Diflucan and it only works (half way) while she is taking it then back to the usual gassy colicky baby. I kept telling the doctor she had yeast and the Dr. would not listen to me until I found a new doctor who did!

Well, my child has had a rash starting from day two of her life that involved her rump where literally she had the top layer of skin ulcerate. It is now clearing up but I have been looking for a product such as yours.

If you can get back to me today I will order today and I will want to expedite the order if possible. I am desperate! Please help if you can!!! Thanks! Carla

Email 2:
My daughter has yeast bad. Her mouth itches so bad she constantly has her hands in there and she was not a thumb sucker. She rubs her hand on her tongue. Her back side has been raw and bleeding with deep ulcers.

I have tried medical treatments and am extremely unhappy because they made her worse. When I give her the Diflucan she hated it and it is only half effective.

I called GHT and already decided it can't hurt her any I will just have to experiment how to get her to swallow it. Can you use it to make a poultice to apply to the skin??? Thanks!"

(-We decided to not apply a poultice, but to rub the ThreeLac directly in the baby's mouth.)
Email 3:
Oh Hannah actually liked the powder and I scrubbed her mouth twice with the ThreeLac.

She slept soundly last night and NO SCREAMING!!! I could shout for joy!

Thank you for all your help. I am now giving my mother the ThreeLac to help her illness along with the Oxygen Elements Max, drops.

Again, thanks and I will let you know how she continues to progress. THANKS again!
Email 4:

Leanne, Just wanted to let you know. I ended up going to a wound specialist and Hannah has skin now (The yeast rash was so bad, that Hannah could not grow skin around her diaper area)!!

The ThreeLac helped get the yeast under control. My son got a yeast infection and I gave it to him and he was better a LOT better in two days. He was so bad he couldn't sit down or stand even air on his backside.

You'd think I asked the world of the doctors when I asked for help. I like to choose natural remedies when I can. Sometimes we just have to take charge of our own healthcare and educate those that should know, the MD's.

Thank you for putting the information on the internet. My son and I continue to take ThreeLac and my daughter since she is only four months old takes it more as an as needed basis and secondarily through me if it passes through breast milk.

May God bless you for your help!

Here is another mom with a 9-month-old baby - Stephanie from South Carolina wrote:
Email 1:

I found you site tonight and read the info it provided with great interest.

My second son (9-months old) has been plagued with digestive problems and eczema since he was a month old. His problems seem to have started while I was taking an antibiotic and breastfeeding him.

He is plagued by constant bloating, gassiness, stomach pain and constipation. Initially, he was diagnosed with "colic" and acid reflux. He is also suffering through his seventh bout of oral thrush and we will probably see a yeast rash in the diaper area in a few days.

Because he had the colic symptoms 24 hours a day, he was referred at 5 mos of age to a gastroenterologist who confirmed the reflux and diagnosed Caleb with irritable bowel syndrome.

As of last week, he is on three reflux medications (Prevacid, Zantac and Reglan), three laxatives (adult dose of Citracel in every bottle, tablespoon of Lactulose in each bottle and mineral oil as needed if these fail to keep things moving), a dose of Probiotic powder in each bottle and a five day course of PREDNISONE for respiratory symptoms caused by the reflux. He also started another course of Diflucan today for the thrush, which was probably caused by the Prednisone. I am at my wits end. The more I read and research, the more I am convinced that his problems may stem from a yeast overgrowth. I feel like he is on way too many medications (none would be an acceptable symptom) and it seems like we just keep adding them to keep him functioning normally. Except for his lactose-free formula, he is currently on an organic, whole-grain, meat-free diet. His doctors have also voiced some concerns that he may be developing asthma.

We suggested that she put Caleb on digestive enzymes to hopefully get his bowels moving and then to start the ThreeLac.

Email 2:

Caleb is doing GREAT! I tried the digestive enzymes like you suggested, though not from the supplier you recommended. I got some from my local health food store. After two days on the enzymes, Caleb I stopped giving Caleb his laxatives. He has done great. He is having normal bowel movements for the first time in his life!


Also, I started using the ThreeLac about a week ago, because the ever present thrush spread to his diaper area and face. His doctor prescribed a topical ointment for his diaper area, but it burned Caleb everytime I put it on him.

Out of frustration, I quit with the ointment, did not bother to fill the standing Diflucan prescription and popped open the can of ThreeLac instead.
After ONE dose, his bottom was significantly improved. In the week he has been on the ThreeLac, his diaper rash has completely disappeared, the rash on his face is almost completely gone and the white stuff on his tongue is receding.
It is strange to see Caleb without his bright red cheeks for the first time EVER.

All this without the stomach discomfort of the Diflucan. Your product is fantastic. We had been using a regular Probiotic powder for months, but it never seemed to do much of anything. ThreeLac is definitely far superior to the other products we have tried.

I wanted to confirm that the dose I am giving Caleb is correct. I give him a half pack of the ThreeLac and three drops of the OE+ in his morning bottle and an evening bottle. Is this enough or too much....?

Thanks again for all your help. Caleb, who was always a "happy baby" despite his misery, is amazing happy and content now. He sleeps through the night now, because his pain and discomfort is gone. His is thriving.

Yeast overgrowth could be related to the following conditions in children: Autism, ADHD, ADD, headaches, depression, insomnia, skin rashes, eczema (see Yeast Symptoms for more details)

If your children have ever been treated with antibiotics for an ear infection or been on corti-steroids like Prednisone for allergies, you should be concerned about candida overgrowth in them.

This syndrome is a self-perpetuating cycle where the kids are treated for an ear infection with antibiotics, the yeast overgrowth starts which inhibits their immune system and then allows another ear infection which gets treated by stronger and stronger antibiotics.

When I purchased ThreeLac for myself, I have to admit that the last people I would have thought would have benefited personally from the product were my children.

However, after I purchased the product and saw what a wonderful affect it was having on me, I began to wonder about them. I suspected that I had probably given all of my kids candida as babies while they were nursing and although not all of them had tested positive on the saliva test, I figured that ThreeLac as a dietary supplement was not going to hurt them and could certainly help.

For us, the ThreeLac treatment for all five children would be paid for in being able to avoid two visits to the doctor so it seemed worth it.
The three oldest had been on antibiotics as young children for ear infections and the like, so we new that they at least needed some Probiotics introduced into their systems to achieve some PH balance. OE+ We decided to give it a try and put all five of our kids on ThreeLac. The three oldest children got one pack a day and the youngest two shared one pack each day.

The kids love to take their ThreeLac. It is lemon-flavored and has about the powdery texture of the candy powder in a pixie stix. Although the candida in each of our children manifested in different ways, within a week we were seeing differences that had to be attributable to the ThreeLac.

In our oldest child (12 years), his chronic cough had cleared up entirely. What a relief not to listen to him cough every night for hours. He also had skin bumps on his chest that were gone after about two weeks. His insomnia has also cleared up. He reports improved mental function which is showing up as in improvement in his schooling. He also had allergies which are much improved.

Our second child (10 years) has had skin rashes on her cheeks for several years. This is now healing! She is also slimming down and has much more energy.

Our third child (8 years) has suffered from chronic stomach trouble for her entire life (she got antibiotics in the hospital as a newborn even though it turned out she did not need them).

She would get a stomach ache about every other day, had a puny appetite, and would occasionally go into a diarrhea and vomiting jag for no apparent reason that could last for weeks.

Since taking ThreeLac her appetite has improved immeasurably and she has not had any instances of vomiting, diarrhea or stomach aches. Her insomnia has also cleared up.

Our fourth child (5 years) could not get through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom (I wonder if those children that wet the bed at night might have candida?).

After a few weeks on 1/2 a pack a day, she is not getting up at night anymore. She is also warming up. Until recently she has been quite proud of the fact that she has the coldest hands in the family. She hasn't been able to shock us with how cold her hands are anymore.

My youngest (3 years) has had a chronic vaginal yeast infection that I have tried to clear up with everything imaginable. At first I thought it was a diaper rash and so would bathe her every night and let her "air" out. The rash didn't change.

Then I took to treating it with Lotrimin. The rash would respond to that, but if I quit putting Lotrimin on her the rash would come back. We started her on ThreeLac orally, but I also put about a 1/6 of a pack of the ThreeLac powder on her labia and the rash cleared up entirely in 4 days.

I could see the difference after the first treatment. After 6 days I quit treating the rash topically, but continued the oral treatment. After 3 weeks of taking ThreeLac orally, her "yeast" rash is not coming back. It is the first time I can remember in 2 1/2 years that she has not had a yeasty rash.

The other thing that was exciting for us was this:

In a fifteen day period all of the kids grew a minimum of 3/4 of an inch and are still growing! I seriously feel that the yeast was stealing their nutrients and their bodies were so busy fighting the toxins the yeast was putting out that they could not grow.

I believe if we had not found this product that their growth would have been permanently stunted. We are also noticing much happier and healthier children. Their attitudes are much more positive and upbeat. They have more energy during the day and are sleeping better at night.

What a difference this has made for our family. We think we will keep the children on ThreeLac for a total of 3 months to make sure we got rid of the candida overgrowth and then take them off the ThreeLac and see how they do. What a blessing to have circumvented the problems that would surely have developed for them as young adults if we had not found this truly amazing product.

We are not doctors, we are just relating the experiences we have had with our children. Certainly, not everyone will have the same results we have had, as each person reacts differently to candida overgrowth, but it certainly can't hurt to try this on your kids.

It is an all-natural, safe product that is pleasant to take. ThreeLac could make all of the difference in the world to your children, too. Learn more about these wonderful products!

ThreeLac is safe for children 6 months of age and up to take. Please email us to get a copy of children amounts.

"The content on this site is provided exclusively for information purposes, and it is not in any way intended as a substitute for professional medical advice. Neither the content nor any other service offered by or through Renewed Health Company or is intended to be relied on for medical diagnosis or treatment."