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Glandular Support - l-GLUTAMINE

by Nature's Sunshine (30 capsules)
L-Glutamine - Renewed Health Company
Candida, when in its mycelial fungal form, develops string-like tendrils called rhizoids. These rhizoids penetrate the intestinal wall where the candida hangs on for purchase. The intestinal wall can also be damaged by parasites and

Almost everyone with candida also has leaky gut... l-Glutamine will heal it for you in a matter of a few weeks. You will not be completely well until this issue is resolved.

Order L-Glutamine - Renewed Health Company - $13.95

Symptoms this product may help to alleviate: skin rashes, head sores, scalp or body itchiness, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, anxiety, impaired immune system, impaired memory, moodiness or irritability, bloating, flatulence, brain fog, diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, headaches.

If you have gone through a candida cleanse and still have some of the above symptoms, it is possible that your leaky gut has not healed on its own. l-Glutamine is one product that can do the job for you!

Product Ingredients:

Serving Size - 2 capsules

(take 1 or 2 capsules daily with a meal)

Amount per 2 capsules:

l-Glutamine -
1000 mg
Other Ingredients (Kosher gelatin and water)

l-Glutamine [Nervous] is an amino acid (a protein building block) that is important in supplying the brain with energy. Its main function is to support cellular growth, energy and repair. L-glutamine plays a role in the health of the immune system, the digestive tract and the muscles. Each capsule contains 500 mg of l-glutamine

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