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Testimonials - Weight Loss

Michelle from Ohio wrote:
I am doing well and very pleased! My daily headaches have subsided. I still get an occasional one...but the EVERY DAY HEADACHE IS GONE!

My body aches are gone. I am sleeping better. I have more energy to keep up with my kids. The numbness in my face is gone.

And I have lost 10 pounds! I have been fighting this since my second child was born almost 5 years ago. What a relief to finally treat the cause of the symptoms instead of just the daily symptoms.

Tim from Minnesota wrote:
"Thanks for your concern. Things are going ok. Hmm, just ok. Well, that's not really fair. I feel so much better than when I started I'm getting impatient with my white tongue.

So far I have seen my migraines reduced, a sinus problem improve, my acne all but disappear, a rash on my back clear up, and I've lost 20 pounds. That and the most dramatic change is how well my stomach feels. I still have my white tongue. Oh well, the truth be told that's a little better too.

Vivian from Missouri:
"It seems to me that it was such a blessing for me to have discovered this product as the first and second week it helped me in clearing a very serious sinus infection of which the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed did not touch.

The second thing I have become aware of is that some energy has returned. I am not as tired and I sleep better! The dreams are not as severe! I am very grateful for this.

I have always been in tuned to listening to what my body is trying to tell me and even though I still have some neck and shoulder pain, I feel much more clearer in the connection. I think I have even experienced some parasites cleansing and am beginning to see some mucus in my bowels.

One of my friends just told me that I look like I have lost some weight! All in all, I am most grateful and want to continue on my regimen as faithfully as I can."